Enjoy the new public walkway to our local beach, just a 10 minute walk from the property.

We bought this land from a deer farmer in 1987, before which the land was used as an apple orchard. Our home was
built for Gill’s young family from England settling in New Zealand, and the Barn was, and still is, built to accommodate
the visiting grandparents and extended family.

The family has now grown up and so we are now welcoming other families, young and old, to share our place as
holiday accommodation or a space to stop and rest a while.

At that time we were surrounded by orchard and pine trees, but in recent years the rural economy has changed and with it the landscape too has changed. The land has been cleared and this has in turn changed the environment and the vista. the neighbouring land has changed from a wild wood and cultivated tree area to a grass land; this has had an affect on our eco climate and wildlife especially the bird life. We have regular visits from NZ native birds: kereru (native Wood Pigeon), tui, pukekos, piwakawaka (fantails), waxeyes, kingfisher, finches and European birds: skylarks (in the surrounding paddocks), pheasant, spur winged plovers, and an occasional grey heron.


But here on our piece of land we have tried to tread as lightly
as possible. We have many different garden projects on
our five acres. 

At the road side and entrance we are coppicing eucalyptus nitens trees for our firewood supply.

Our border on the driveway is mainly planted out with native trees. At the corner on the drive we have a pond garden, still developing, which contains special pond plants, ideal for the storm water and filtered grey water conditions.

The colour of spring bulbs, daisies, wild flowers and a wild patch of hebes and shrubs offer an attractive arrival area to the homes. The arena was used for when the children were small and learning to ride the pony, but is now a convenient parking area for our campervan and visitors. 

The vegetable garden is surrounded by marigolds and planted out with garlic to offer natural protection from pests.

We aim to conserve water as much as we are able, by planting suitable plants for the soil & climate and using plenty of mulch. The trees bordering the arena are densely planted to afford us as much privacy as possible and are a safe haven for birds to enjoy & feed, as well as enjoying the nutrients from our septic tank transpiration trench - you may see they are thriving well.

In the last few years we have begun an ambitious planting programme to create a home orchard with new vegetable plots with aim of becoming as self-sufficient as possible in the years to come in fruit and vegetables and providing excess to our guests.

We avoid chemical sprays as much as possible and are now using environmentally safe products for cleaning all the homes. We recycle as much as the local council can offer as a service. We invite you also to participate in this during your stay.

Please assist us to continue to tread lightly here on this land. We ask you to recycle all products; boxes and containers are in both cottages.

Waste food is easily and thoroughly enjoyed by Dudley, our pet kune kune pig, who will happily devour all food scraps. Please feed him by the stile opposite the veggie garden.

Our latest additions are two curious alpacas, Raymond & Stanley, who have come to join Dudley, in their rural paradise.

We ask our guests to place paper and cardboard in one box;
glass, plastic and tins should be rinsed and clean and placed
in the other two boxes. We also ask our guests to use the
environmentally safe washing powder and products available in the cottage.


If you are long stay guests we have a list available for
the products we have researched and feel are the best
for our conditions.


We have gas powered hot water & heat pumps for heating
and we urge our guests to conserve energy as much as possible. 
We also invite our guests to be conservative with water use
and to switch off any unnecessary lights especially outside lights
when not in use. Solar powered lights near both cottages are
provided for convenience for late or night time arrivals.